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Studio Collectionaise develops, designs and delivers arts & craft workshops for children aged 4+ in the Delft - The Hague - Rotterdam area. Groups range from 10 to 150 children participating in events from 1 to 3 hours. Looking for someone to organize kids workshops/events? Enquire below and let's discuss how we can work together to make your next event extra special!


Sep 2023

Camera Japan Festival

Kids' Day at Camera Japan Festival in LantarenVenster, Rotterdam. Over 50 children participated in this event to learn more about Japanese culture through playful craft activities and games.

Arts and crafts experiences are significantly correlated with producing patentable inventions and founding new companies1

Jun 2023

International Day

Making Japanese windchimes at ISD International Day, over 100 participants. 

Graduates majoring in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are far more likely to have extensive arts and crafts skills than average students2

Feb 2023

Wereld van verhalen

Book reading followed by mask making workshop at Centrale Bibliotheek in Den Haag. Approximately 50 children attended this special event hosted by The Hague library.

The first Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, J.H. van't Hoff, said: Scientific imagination is correlated with creative activities outside of science3

Jul 2021

Sew a Softie

Developed and designed an original sewing tutorial for 
the online global sewing project "Sew a Softie".


Dec 2020

DelftMama Online Event

An original Christmas craft idea and online tutorial created for a non-profit organization DelftMama.

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