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DIY Cardboard Rapunzel Tower

How is everyone doing? Is the country which you live also in lockdown due to the pandemic? The Netherlands has been in lockdown since mid-December and just yesterday, the Government has decided to extend the period for another 3 weeks. That means 3 more weeks of homeschooling! Yikes!

I like having a rhythm, a daily routine. So when we wake up, we eat our breakfasts VERY SLOWLY and after some TV watching, we do dancing/exercises to get the day going. We then do an hour or more of crafting together. My daughter, who is 3, is now very used to this routine and this morning, she goes "Mama, today, can we make a Rapunzel and a Rapunzel Tower?" In my head, I was like "Wow, where did that come from? She's never been into Rapunzel. It's always been about Elsa. And how the he** do I make a Rapunzel Tower???"

So we searched for some ideas on Pinterest. How good is Pinterest, everyone? And saw this: Tangled Tower Craft by Disney Family. It seemed feasible and we happened to have a long paper towel roll and unused cardboard so we decided to give it a go. Huge success in terms of "hours of entertainment". We spent the whole morning making the tower and we had loads of fun playing with it after.

Here's what the tower looked like before painting. The most tricky part was making the cone for the roof. Best to use less heavy weight stock for this since you need to roll it up. We used a cardboard cutout but I peeled off a layer to make it thinner.

Once the basic tower structure is done, it's time to start painting.

This is what the tower looked like after we finished painting.

You could of course, stop right here. But of course, my toddler had more demands. Remember how she said "a Rapunzel AND a Rapunzel Tower"? Yap, she really meant that. So I had to really show off my drawing skills here and drew Rapunzel on a cardboard, cut it out and colour it. I had to really think what to do about her hair. Some people uses yawns and that's a super idea. Except, we didn't have any. So I got out a ribbon that I kept from the Christmas gifts and used that instead. It doesn't look too terrible, right?

We also used a flower-shape-puncher to cut out few flowers in different colours. And my toddler used a cotton swab to make dots on the tower roof. She is very proud of her tower and that's all that matters to me. And of course, the fact that we spent the whole morning making it saved me to think of other activities to do! Ha!

I hope this gives you an idea on an activity to do with your child. We would love to see your creation. Tag us on instagram @collectionaise and share your creative energy with us xx

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