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Kids Craft Idea: Paper Bag Beaver Puppet

Hi there, meet BeBe, a paper bag beaver that my 6-year-old daughter made. BeBe works at Royal Canadian Mounted Police and builds dams to avoid flooding. And BeBe would love to meet and make friends with more paperbag beavers! So would you and your kids like to join the fun?

Kids Craft Idea: Paper Bag Beaver Puppet

I give Arts & Crafts workshops at the local international school for ages 4-7 and every week, we learn something fun about a country and do some country-inspired craft activities. Our latest theme was Canada! I spent about 3 years of my childhood in Canada and some of my fondest memories of my childhood come from my time in Vancouver. Snow, skiing, ice skating, Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, nature walks.... I love Canada and still keep in touch with some friends I made back in elementary school!

Before we go into the main craft activity, I like to provide my students with some warm-up drawing activities to get their creative flow going. For the week theme Canada, it was a simple "join the dots" exercise. If you would like to try this exercise with your children, feel free to download & print the file below:

Download PDF • 1.10MB

Kids Craft Idea: Paper Bag Beaver Puppet

What You'll Need:

  • Download and print the template below

  • Paper bag (W) 9 x (L) 18 cm

  • Colour pencils or markers

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

Kids Craft Idea: Paper Bag Beaver Puppet

Simply have your child colour in the template, cut out all parts and glue them onto the paper bag. Super simple, suitable for younger kids and guaranteed fun! My daughter and kids in my workshop loved making and playing with their beaver puppets! Happy crafting!

Download PDF • 687KB

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