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How to Make a DIY Scratch Art

Growing up, I used to love playing with scratch art sheets. It always felt like a magic to see colours appear as I scratch the black coating off with my scratch pen. Did you also play with scratch art when you were little?

It was probably at my art school but at one point, I learnt that you can easily make your own scratch art sheet. It's amazing how I still remember this. And it was so nice to be able to show it to my daughter. She too found it magical.

To make your own Scratch Art, you will need:

  • Oil Pastels or Wax Crayons

  • Black (or other colour) Acrylic Paint

  • Paint Brush

  • Paper

  • Something Sharp to Scratch (forks, playdough tools....)

Step 1 - Using wax crayons, fill a sheet of paper with lots of different colours.

Step 2 - Cover the paper with a generous amount of paint. I usually do 2 paint layers.

Step 3 - Once the paint is dry, you are free to scratch away! Enjoy!

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