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How to Make Paper Mache Easter Eggs

The countdown has begun and it's less than a week until the Easter break. Have you sorted out your plans for the Easter already? I keep eating the mini chocolate eggs that I buy for our Easter egg hunting... We need to organize the hunt pronto before mama overdoses on the chocolates.

Last year, we made our Easter eggs using some paper-based clay and used decoupage glue to paste the White Rabbit Creamy Candy wrappers around them (see below).

This year, I decided to make a paper mache Easter eggs and have my toddler paint them. Paper mache eggs are not only super easy to make, it's a massive cost saving! It's made out of old newspaper so you also don't feel too bad about throwing them out once the event is over.

To make a paper mache egg, you will need:

  • A plastic egg

  • Cling wrap

  • Old newspaper/magazine

  • Flour

  • Water

  • Craft glue

  • Cutting knife/blade

Step 1 - Wrap the plastic egg with a cling wrap.

Step 2 - Make the paper mache paste. Mix 1/4 flour, 1/2 water and generous amount of craft (liquid) glue.

Step 3 - Tear the old newspaper into strips and using the paper mache paste, cover the egg with the newspaper. You probably need to do 2-3 layers.

Step 4 - Once the egg is completely dry (I'd let it dry for at least 24 hours), cut the centre using a blade.

Step 5 - Remove the cling wrap and the plastic egg.

Step 6 - Add another layer of old newspaper strips using the paper mache paste to make the egg whole again.

Step 7 - Once the egg is completely dry, paint or colour it. Enjoy!

My daughter is super into Frozen and all of the sudden her favourite colour became blue. So our Easter eggs had to be blue with glitter of course. It takes a day or two to make but the process is super simple and if you've got older kids, they can probably do the whole process themselves! It's an ecofriendly way to enjoy Easter crafting so do give it a go and let us know how you went!

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