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Jenga Block Christmas Tree Ornaments

Jenga Block Christmas Tree Ornaments

What a lovely time of the year to cosy up and sit around your table, indulging in some Christmas crafts with a big mug of hot chocolate. What have you made so far?

There is this community social site where I live where people make posts about objects that they want to giveaway for free. The purpose of this community is to find a new home for things that you no longer need, rather than throwing them out. It's a nice concept and you often see people post about high chairs and clothes that their kids have out grown but are still in good condition. I have given away some clothes and toys that my daughter no longer needs and I hope the new owners are getting a good use out of them.

Recently on this community site was a post about old Jenga blocks that someone no longer wanted. They looked like something I could use for crafting so I decided to claim them. Come Christmas, I was looking to make more tree ornaments and I thought, why not use the Jenga blocks that I got! I had a lot of fun working with the Jenga blocks so maybe you would also like to give it a go?

What You'll Need

  • Jenga blocks (no need to buy new, have a look at thrift shops for used Jenga sets!)

  • Eye lag screws

  • Paint

  • Acrylic markers

  • Decoration items (e.g. pompoms, bells, washi tapes)

How to Make the Jenga Block Christmas Tree Ornaments

Step 1

Attach the eye lag screw to the block. You can just use your hands to screw these in as the Jenga blocks are usually very soft wood. I decided to use the plier because I had more than 70 pieces to screw in (I decided to use some for my arts and crafts workshop).

Jenga Block Christmas Tree Ornaments

Jenga Block Christmas Tree Ornaments

Step 2

Because most of these blocks had little doodles and scribbles made by the previous owner, I decided to add a layer of paint.

Jenga Block Christmas Tree Ornaments

Jenga Block Christmas Tree Ornaments

Step 3

Once you are done painting, it's time to add the details! I used acrylic markers to add the little details and decorated the blocks with googly eyes, cotton balls, pompoms, washi tapes, bells, colour paper, etc. For Rudolph's antler, I used jute strings.

Jenga Block Christmas Tree Ornaments

I'm happy with how they turned out. I added some LED string lights and these blocks are now hanging on our living room wall. Hope you get around to making these adorble tree ornaments too. Happy crafting!

Jenga Block Christmas Tree Ornaments

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