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Cereal Box Portable Dollhouse

I just survived a very long 45 days of summer vacation in the Netherlands. This year, it felt longer than usual because we experienced a few lockdowns last year and at the beginning of this year where we had to keep our daughter entertained at home. It's also because COVID has made international travels a little complicated with restrictions and measures so we decided to stay in the Netherlands. But I did it, I survived the summer vacation 2021.

One of the things my daughter and I made during the summer vacation is this Portable Dollhouse made with a cereal box. The basic structure is quite simple. I just cut open the front side of the box and used carboard to build little rooms. I also cut out round holes and attached empty contact lens packaging to resemble windows.

As you can probably guess, I did most of the interior decorations. And oh boy, did I have fun. I especially love the toilet and the living room. My daughter drew the wall posters on both rooms.

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