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Kids Birthday Craft: How to make DIY Milk Carton Party Favour Boxes

Kids Birthday Craft Idea: How to make milk carton party favour boxes

It's that time of the year again - my daughter's birthday! Can't believe she is turning 6 this year, time really flies! She is counting the days until her birthday and her birthday party, and I have to say, the anticipation is catching on as I am also starting to feel super excited. Or is this just a part of 'being-a-parent' thing?

I try to incorporate as much craft activities as possible leading up to the BIG day. For instance, I got my daughter involved in making the birthday invitations. I always think, if a child wants to have a party, then he or she should be doing the work! Not the parents! And the parents should only be there to support realize their vision/wishes. Anybody else agrees? I also got her involved in making these party favour boxes to hand out at the party. They are made out of milk cartons and since my daughter loves cats, she added cat parts to make the boxes extra purr-fect.

I also made these milk carton boxes for my Kids Arts & Crafts Workshop over at the International School Delft. Kids loved decorating the boxes and threading in beads for the handles. These boxes are super easy to make and I just love working with milk cartons as they are super sturdy and waterproof.

Kids Birthday Party Craft Idea: Milk Carton Party Favour Boxes


- 1 x Milk Carton

- Tape

- Paper Cutting Knife

- Scissors

- Measuring Ruler

- Optional: 2 x Split Pins, Hole Puncher or Eyelet, Pipe Cleaners, Beads

Step 1

Measure 12.5cm from the bottom of the milk carton. Draw a line horizontally on 3 sides: front and 2 sides.

Step 2

Cut out the three sizes, leaving just the back flap.

Step 3

About 1.5cm from the top of the back flap, make 2cm cuts on both sides.

Step 4

Fold the sides inward and tape them together.

Step 5

Make a 3cm wide slit, measuring 4cm from the top of the front side.

Step 6

You can choose to end at Step 5 if you don't want to attach a handle to the box.

To attach a handle, you will need to make 2 strips using one of the sides we cut off in Step 2. The strips you see below are 1cm wide and 7cm long.

Step 7

Puncture a hole using an eyelet or a hole puncher. Fold the strip in half and attach it to the box using a split pin.

Step 8

I used pipe cleaners for the handles, thinking it would be easier for my daughter to put beads through. But of course you can just use a string or ribbon, totally up to you and your little one!

It's quite spacious inside and we've managed to put in a nail polish, temporary tattoo sheets and cookies. These bags are lovely way to add a unique touch to your party and I really like the fact that it is plastic-free and reusable!

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