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Make Your Own Kuku Bird Coin Purse

** This post is part of the Sew a Softie tutorial hop! It's a month-long event in July where people from around the world post free simple-to-sew softie tutorials for you and your kids to make.

Psst! Hey, have you heard of a Kuku Bird? No? Well, you're in luck because here's one. Meet a Kuku Bird! - Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird?

Those of you who have kindly grabbed a copy of my children's book Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird? might recognise the above opening lines from the book. When I produced the book a year ago, we were in the midst of pandemic and I could easily see ourselves drown in negativity. Because the entire world was in crisis, I wanted to remind people, myself included, that now is the time to be kind and considerate to others. I created a character called Kuku Bird. Although the book centers around one particular Kuku Bird, there are many Kuku Birds. Each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. In the last page of the book, you'll find many Kuku Birds, all doing their own things but they are all colourful and together, they make a beautiful flock of birds.

So with that in mind, when I was asked to join the Sew a Softie tutorial hop in July, I knew I wanted to make Kuku Birds. Because each Kuku Bird is unique and beautiful, you have a complete freedom to choose the colours or patterns of the fabric. Let's go wild and have fun combining different colours and patterns! And do share what you create! I would absolutely love to see it. Don't forget to tag @collectionaise and use the hashtag #sewasoftie :-)

In this easy sewing project, your child will be making his or her own Kuku Bird Coin Purse. My daughter just turned 4 in June and with my guidance, she was able to sew the whole thing. So I think this activity is suitable for preschoolers as well as older kids.


  • Felt, faux leather or other fabric*

  • Stuffing

  • Elastic

  • Needle

  • Pin

  • Thread (we used embroidery floss for the beak + invisible thread)

  • Fabric Scissors

  • Rope, Ribbon or Knitting Yarn

* Like it says in the book, "Kuku Birds come in different colours. Each one so different, but unique and beautiful." So feel free to use fabric colour of your choice and design your own Kuku Bird!


(1) Download and cut out the template below.

Download PDF • 95KB

(2) Trace the template for all parts onto the felt/fabric of your choice and cut out as shown below. Remember to trace and cut out 2 head parts.

(3) Take one of the 2 heads, glue on the forehead, nose and eyes. Leave the eyebrows and cheeks for later.

(4) Glue on the 3 hairs at the top of the other head that you didn't use for Step 3.

(5) Now, we move onto the beak. Bring the right flap to the left edge and use a running stitch to sew the bottom left side.

Optional: If you want, stitch the centre of the beak and the nose using the embroidery floss to add a cute design feature.

(6) Thread through the elastic, about 1cm from the tip of the beak. Tie a knot.

(7) The beak is where you'll be keeping your coins. To close the beak, simply pull the elastic towards the back of the beak. If the elastic is too long, the beak will not close properly. If that happens, simply tie the elastic shorter!

(8) Fold the loops for the strap in half and pin them around the centre of both sides. Pin and sew the two sides of Kuku Bird's face together. Remember to leave a gap for stuffing.

(9) Fill the Kuku Bird's face with stuffing.

(10) Now let's glue the beak, eyebrows and cheeks onto the face. When gluing the beak, make sure the tip of the beak sticks out of the face so you can open and close the coin purse.

(11) String through the ribbon, rope or yawn through the two loops and tie knots on both ends.

Now enjoy using your new Kuku Bird Coin Purse!!

Interested in getting a copy of my book Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird? Then click here. You'd totally make my day!! You can also watch a free book reading below:

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