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Make Your Own Paper Mache Jack-o'-lantern

I get so excited around Halloween. It was one of my favourite events growing up (after Christmas of course!) and it still is! Growing up in Canada, I loved dressing up in costumes and go trick-or-treating. I was also fascinated by the effort some people put into decorating their homes.

Halloween is a recent thing in the Netherlands and trick-or-treating is only done in an organized manner where someone from the neighbourhood takes the lead and gathers willing participants. For the last two years, we have taken part in such organized trick-or-treating. My daughter was too young to go trick-or-treating but this year, she is very keen. And every morning, she asks "is it Halloween today?"

Given her interest in Halloween, I thought I make a Jack-o'-lantern with her. Instead using a real pumpkin, I decided to make something with paper so we can reuse it next year. It made a wonderful rainy day activity (which is like every day in the Netherlands around this time of the year) for us! We had a great crafty fun together, I hope you do too!

Make sure you share your creation with us on Instagram @collectionaise xx


What you'll need:

  • Paper Mache Paste (click here to see how to make a paper mache paste)

  • Balloon

  • Strings/Cords

  • Old Newspaper

  • Paint (we used acrylic paints) & Brush

  • Cutting Blade

  • LED candle (bought mine at IKEA from GODAFTON series)

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