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Air Dry Clay Art Projects for Kids

A very long, 45 days to be exact, summer vacation in the Netherlands ended last month. During the holiday, my daughter and I worked on lots of craft projects. One of the projects we worked on was the use of air dry clay and nature. My 4 year-old daughter enjoyed stamping the clay with leaves and flowers, and decorating it with flower petals. So I thought I'd share the result of our artwork with you to perhaps inspire you to make something similar with your child!

  1. Air Dry Clay Coasters

Roll the clay and stamp it with leaves and flowers. Once the clay has hardened, simply paint it! I coated each coaster with Mod Podge to give them extra strength and make them water-resistant.

2. Air Dry Wall Décor

Roll and cut out the clay into a shape of your choice. And simply decorate each piece with some petals and leaves. If you want the colours to last, I suggest you use dry flowers/leaves.

3. Air Dry Clay Ring Dish

Roll the clay and stamp it with flowers and leaves. To make a ring dish, cover the bottom of a bowl or a cup with cling wrap, place the clay and shape. Once dry, paint the dish.

4. Air Dry Clay Necklace

This was something my daughter wanted to make. Her name means 'moon' and she wanted to make a moon + flower necklace. I asked her if she wanted to paint it but she didn't want to so we decided to add a touch of colour with beads instead.

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