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Barba-trick! DIY Barbapapa Family

Who here is a fan of Barbapapa? The Barbapapa characters are very popular in Japan but I have to say, I've never seen the TV series. That is until now. Now, I get to 'enjoy' watching the cartoon with my daughter EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. She loves it, she giggles when they say 'Barba-trick' (in Dutch it's 'barbatruc'). Watching the episodes, I start to understand what they stand for. They are sort of like protectors of earth and environment. Plenty of hippie messages, not so surprising given that the cartoon is from the 70s.

It's autumn in the Netherlands, which means lots and lots of rain. So I am always in search for fun activities that will keep my daughter engaged for more than half an hour. This sounds easy, but it's not. Keeping a toddler focused for more than 10 minutes is super challenging.

In case you're also in search for a nice and easy rainy day activity, here's one.


DIY Barbapapa Family


  • 9 toilet paper tubes

  • 18 wiggly eyes

  • Paint (we used watercolours)

  • 4 flower stickers

  • Black marker

  • Tape

  • Glue

For each barba family member, you need to bend the top corners towards inside. And tape the position. Once that's done, you need to paint the body. Every member has different colours - pink, black, red, orange, blue, yellow, green and purple. Barba Bob is the only member with hairs so we cut a black paper into small pieces and pasted onto his body. Once the paint is dry, simply glue the wiggly eyes and draw eyebrows, nose and mouth. For the female members, you would need to stick a flower at the top. We also drew eyelashes on the wiggly eyes to make them look more feminine.

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