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DIY Bird Feeders

How are you all dealing with entertaining your kids at home? It's a big job to come up with activity ideas that are not only interesting but allows you to keep safe social distance from other people. I am still taking my toddler out for small walks every day, just to get some fresh air. Being in nature gives us a mood boost and it gives us hope to see the signs of spring as we take a stroll. I do hope the Dutch government will not ban people from going out in general, I think people need to go outside to stay mentally healthy. But of course, we also need to follow rules and keep safe distance. Together we will overcome this situation!

These days, our craft activities seem to encircle around the theme of nature. Yesterday, the whole family gathered around the table making bird feeder for our tiny garden guests. I told my daughter that we are making cookies for little birds. My toddler loved the process and once they were done, we hanged them in our garden and watched the birds feed. We even took some to a park nearby and hanged them on few tree branches. Can't wait to go to the same park tomorrow and see if the treats are still there.


What You Need:

- 6 Gelatin Sheets - 200 ml Boiled Water - 500 g Bird Seeds - Cupcake Mold or Other Molds - Oven Paper - Straws

(1) You need to soak the gelatin sheets in cold water for 5 minutes. (2) Pour 200 ml boiled water and mix well. (3) Mix the liquid and bird seeds. (4) Press the mix into a mold of your choice. You need to stick a piece of straw in the center so you can put a string through once the feeder is solid. (5) Put the feeder in a fridge for at least 3 hours.

Keep in mind that this feeder doesn't do well in heat as it uses gelatin. So it's not meant for hot summer weather!

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