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DIY Salt Dough Easter Eggs

How's everyone doing looking after your kids full-time? Hope you are all healthy and maintaining your sanity during this very challenging times. Especially now that the Dutch Government has announced the extension of the school closure.

However difficult, the crisis has brought together communities and I've seen people stepping up to offer kindness and support. I have been thinking of ways I could help out and I thought I could hand out free craft activities for kids to do at home.

The first one of these activities is paint your own Easter Egg. I made some Easter Eggs with my daughter using some flour, salt and water. I'm leaving the eggs at my doorstep for people to take home. Completely free.

If you would like to make these eggs yourself, refer to the instructions below. It's also a nice activity to do with your child, not to mention super easy.


DIY Salt Dough Easter Eggs


- 1 cup plain flour (ours look a bit brown-ish because we used wholegrain flour) - 1/2 cup salt - 1/2 water - Egg-shaped cookie cutter or a toilet paper roll - Straw

(1) Mix all ingredients, roll couple of times to make the dough smooth. (2) Roll the dough flat, about 3mm in thickness.

(3) Use an egg-shaped cookie cutter to cut shapes. We didn't have an egg-shaped cookie cutter so just formed a toilet paper roll into an egg-shape and used that instead.

(4) Use the straw to make a hole at the top.

(5) Bake in the oven: 120 degrees for 2 hours.

(6) Let the eggs cool down before you start painting. We used acrylic paints but you can use crayons, markers and other medium.

Hope you and your child have a blast making and colouring these eggs!

And I would love to see your work. Email or share your creation via Instagram (@collectionaise) or Facebook (@collectionaise).

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