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How to Make a Plastic Bottle Jellyfish

So... I'm currently exploring the use of plastic bottles in my craft projects. And this is one of them: Plastic Bottle Jelly Fish. I really love how it turned out and my 3 year old daughter has already decided that for her 4th birthday, she wants to have a magical under the sea themed party with lots of these jellyfish hanging everywhere. Well... not sure what a 'magical' under the sea party is but I'm glad she finally made up her mind about the theme of her party.

To make this plastic bottle jellyfish, you will need:

  • Empty plastic bottle

  • Cutting blade

  • Scissors

  • Gas stove/burner, lighter, hot glue or hair dryer

And here's how you make the jellyfish. Just be extra extra careful that you don't burn yourself! I have a bowl of water next to me in case the jellyfish catches fire... This craft is recommended for adults only, I wouldn't let children do this.

Hope you love the idea as much as I loved making it! I'm planning to make these jellyfish in different colours. If you get around to making one, do share it with me! I'd love to see it!!

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