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[Step-by-step Instructions] How to Make a Simple Milk Carton Hat

Since it's almost Easter, I thought it would be fun if I make a Miffy (or in Dutch Nijntje) hat and do the Easter egg hunting all dressed up. The hat, believe it or not, is made out of two milk cartons.

It's very VERY easy to make so I hope you'll get around to making one and share your creation with me!

What You'll Need:

  • 2 empty & washed milk cartons (spread out like below)

  • Stapler

  • Scissors

  • Strong Tape (I used packing tape this time but duct tape works really well)

  • Pen

That's all. It's something you can make with everyday household recycling. And that's what my crafts are about. It's being playful with easily accessible items.

Step 1 - Cut the 2 milk cartons as shown below. I used a black marker to guide where to cut.

Step 2 - Tape and connect the 2 milk cartons.

Step 3 - We're going to staple the 8 'flaps' together but only a pair at a time. So you'll end up with 4 x paired flaps.

Step 4 - Once you have 4 x 2 flaps. Pair and staple them together to make 2 x 4 stapled flaps.

Step 5 - Flip the hat over and tape the 2 x 4 flaps together from the inside.

Step 6 - The hat base is done. Now it is up to your awesome imagination to make it into an animal, fictional character... totally up to you and your creative instinct!

Here are just some of the ideas to get you started:

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