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5 Simple Halloween Crafts to make with your kids!

It's 5 more sleeps until Halloween! My daughter and I have been busy making Halloween crafts and decorating our house with DIY Halloween decorations. Are you all ready for the spooky night and hopefully this year, we can all go trick-or-treating again. Here are 5 last minute Halloween crafts you can enjoy making with your kids!

One - Halloween Spooky Lantern

What is more perfect than making your own lantern to take to trick-or-treating? Guaranteed fun. I also made this lantern with my workshop kids (age 4-7) and they all loved it!


- Plastic cup or bottle (bottom half)

- Transparent paper, cellophane or tissue paper

- LED candle light

- Pipe cleaner

- Beads

(1) Cut and paste transparent paper on the plastic bottle/cup.

(2) Get a pipe cleaner and string through beads.

(3) Pierce 2 holes on the bottle and attach the pipe cleaner.

(4) Put in the LED candle and you're all set to go!

Two - Paper Mache Jack-o'-Lantern

This is something my daughter and I made for Halloween last year. It's a great sustainable option for Jack-o'-lantern which you make with old newspapers and tissue papers. To see how we made this lantern, head over to our previous post: Make Your Own Paper Mache Jack-o'-lantern

Three - Milk Carton Pumpkin Hat

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume idea? How about a pumpkin? I made this adorable pumpkin hat using two milk cartons and some cardboard. And I had my daughter help me paint it orange and green.

It is super simple to make a milk carton hat. Head over to my previous post "[Step-by-step Instructions] How to Make a Simple Milk Carton Hat" to find out how.

Once you have the hat base covered, you can use it to make all kinds of hat. In the past, we made a cat, unicorn, koala and bunny. Super simple, super fun.

Four - Chestnut Pumpkins (Chestnumpkins??)

Unless you live in the southern hemisphere, it's autumn season and we just love wondering about in nature searching for fall treasures. One of my daughter's favourite autumn nature activity is, of course, collecting chestnuts. We've collected so many that I decided to make them look like pumpkins and hand them out to some neighbourhood kids and her friends.

All I did was paint each chestnut orange, pierce a hole at the top and insert some green pipe cleaner. I do recommend you to paint the chestnuts white first so the orange paint stands out better.

Five - Superhero Cape

Another last minute Halloween costume idea: DIY superhero cape. We made this cape using some newspaper and packaging material. All I did was glued the two together to give the cape more strength, cut it into a cape and attached a ribbon at the top so I can loosely tie it around her neck. My daughter then painted it with different colours and decorated it with some stickers and paper scraps from our previous art project. Super happy with the result of this recycled craft!

What is her superpower you ask? Well... it's cuteness overload of course!

Let me know your thoughts on any of the Halloween craft projects above! I would love to hear from you!

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